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How To Fill The GST (6 Monthly) Income and Expenses Form

Fill Online Form: Instructions & Link


  1. Open the form, by clicking on the link
  2. Select the financial period that is applicable to you or given to you by us.
  3. You have to enter just the total figures in the boxes for the six-month period you selected earlier.


  1. Example #1 if the total income per week was $100 then for the six-month period $100 x 26 weeks = $2600
  2. Example #2 if the insurance cost per week is $50 then for the six-month period $50 x 26 weeks $1300
  3. NOTE: If any income or expense is not consistent every week, then total up the income or expense for the entire six-month period that has been earned or incurred.
  4. If any of the expenses donโ€™t apply to you, then please enter 0.00
  5. For any business-related asset purchases like a car, mobile phone, machinery, tools, etc, enter this in the last step.
  6. If you still find a problem filling the online form, ask us for guidance.
  7. After filling the form, all you have to do is click the SUBMIT button, and the answers would be sent to us automatically.

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